“Use simple materials, follow the sun, listen to the wind, and touch the Earth lightly.”

These are the four principles employed by Glenn Murcutt, the innovative Australian architect who is globally acclaimed for his environmentally-responsive approach to building design and materials in the explicit context of the Australian landscape and locally-available resources. In turn, Glenn Murcutt is inspired by the Bauhaus modernist Mies van der Rohe, who shunned external ornamentation in the discipline of “an innate spirituality in the careful and rigorous design, the meticulous choice of materials, and the precision and economy with which they are combined to form a building”, as much as by the Aboriginal people of Australia and spirituality of place and Nature.

It was with these same general principles in mind that our founder went searching for a flat-packed building solution that would make good design and engineering available and affordable to everyone in a way that would be specific to Australia, and environmentally-responsible at the same time.

Mel Williamson

“It was my dream for everyone to easily enjoy an extra room, music studio, granny flat, or whole house made from practical materials, at an affordable price, with a nice design ethic, great energy efficiency, and plenty of options for customisation.”

“This dream was finally achieved with Backyard Pods. We bring together some of Australia’s most trusted manufacturers and distribution channels with a carefully-engineered range of products, inspired by cost-effective sustainability.”

“By not needing concrete slabs, our Backyard Pods do indeed touch the Earth lightly, but also with great structural integrity due to our unique foundation piers and beautifully-engineered flooring and framing system.”


1. Help people always.

Everyone has their own ‘pod dream’. Our job is simply to help facilitate it.

2. Make things beautiful.

Beautiful outcomes made easier and more affordable. That’s where we aim to contribute the most.

3. Preserve the planet.

Use local materials, recommend energy-saving solutions, keep exploring new eco-friendly methods and products.