Example of 3m x 5m backyard pod on skids

Example of relocatable 3m x 5m backyard pod kit with veranda/deck kit (erected on skids). This building has been relocated by truck numerous times with doors/windows remaining intact.

For whatever reason, some people  need a small relocatable building (instead of a backyard pod that’s a more permanent structure when built on standard foundation piers).

For all backyard pod kits from 3m to 8m in length, we now have skids available as an option in our online store.

With skids, a completed backyard pod building can be winched on/off the back of a flat-bed truck. This same method enables completed ‘display pods’ to be taken out to a trade show, for example, and removed immediately afterward.

The skids option has enabled many customers to deal with various requirements and restrictions, depending on their specific circumstances.

Backyard pods on skids are also great for site offices and similar commercial uses where temporary or relocatable buildings are needed.

Some councils in Australia are insisting on movable buildings for DPUs (dependent person’s units) intended to accommodate family members with disabilities, health issues, etc.

To get prices on skids, visit our store and click the option on any backyard pod kit between 3m-long and 8m-long.