Many councils that won’t allow granny flats for rental purposes will allow people to build a DPU (dependent person’s unit) to accommodate a family member subject to certain structural and situational conditions. Many customers have successfully built a compliant DPU using Backyard Pods, saving lots compared to conventional construction or buying prefab units.

Respite by the Creek DIY 2-bedroom holiday cabin 3.6m x 13m Ballina, NSW

DIY 2-bedroom holiday cabin 3.6m x 13m with customised facade near Ballina NSW

David and Mark have a beautiful property not far from Ballina in northern NSW, where they provide family respite accommodation. They had one respite cabin on the property, made from an upcycled mining donger (pre-used demountable building). But when the time came to create a second and even better cabin, their options were limited. Their…

Granny flat Blue Mountains NSW

Self-contained garden apartment 4m x 10m with N4 wind rating for suburban Katoomba NSW

The term ‘granny flat’ shouldn’t deter anyone from enjoying the privacy and security of a modern-day garden apartment on the family property, even where N4 wind rating is needed. This spacious, stylish ‘man-pad’ is the home of someone who returned from serving overseas in the defence forces. The goal was to create a 1-bedroom fully…

Accessible granny flat 3m x 8m eaves and veranda - Mornington

Accessible granny flat (DPU) 3m x 8m with eaves and veranda at Mornington, outside Melbourne VIC

Some councils that don’t permit granny flats for potential renting may allow a DPU (dependent person’s unit) to be built on the property to accommodate a family member if certain structural and situational conditions are met. A customer with a lovely home on Melbourne’s desirable Mornington Peninsula purchased a 3m x 8m Backyard Pod kit…

Backyard Pods - Redcliffe QLD

Budget-minded granny flat 3m x 10m at Redcliffe, Brisbane QLD

Our customer needed a granny flat so an elderly mother could be cared for close to the family home, whilst still maintaining her independence and privacy. The list of needs included a spacious bathroom with plenty of storage for linen and towels. A queen-sized bedroom, with ample wardrobe space, and an open plan living/dining with…

Backyards Pods granny flat with Veranda - suburban Melbourne

Affordable future-ready granny flat (DPU) 4m x 8m with veranda in suburban Melbourne VIC

In Melbourne, the challenge of extended family living was resolved by cost-effective completion of an approved granny flat (DPU) in a Backyard Pod. A working mum with a young son was living with her mother and grandmother. After her grandmother passed away, it was time to re-assess living arrangements for her mother, her son and…

Granny flat builders Redcliffe, Brisbane

1BR ‘driveway apartment’ 3m x 10m for daughter in Brisbane

A family in Brisbane needed a ‘tiny house’ for a grown-up daughter still happily living-at-home, yet there was no space available in the yard behind the house. Our challenge was to come up with a backyard pod design that would fit neatly into the property’s driveway-width side lawn area. After viewing the property via Google Satellite,…

Garden studio flat Melbourne

Compact ‘studio flat’ 4m x 5m for homecoming Melbourne student

A parent was quick to recognise that an adult son, soon returning from overseas travel to resume studies, would benefit in many ways from having a separate study room with kitchenette, bed, wardrobe, and ensuite built for him on the family property in a trendy inner-Melbourne suburb. He could occupy it for a few years…

Backyard Pods 9 News

Backyard Pods (“granny pods”) featured on Channel Nine News

Well, we’ve been saying it for ages, so it was no surprise when Channel Nine News featured Backyard Pods with the headline: “The mini real estate boom emerging in Queensland”. It’s not just in Queensland, but all over Australia – the backyard pods revolution in housing availability and affordability – it’s already here.