Backyard Studios

Backyard Pods began in 2016 with the very first studio pod made from 100% Australian-made Truecore steel framing with Colorbond cladding and Zincalume roof. Since then, backyard studios have become a must-have for many homeowners – even those with the tiniest backyards or small inner-city courtyards. Using a Backyard Pod studio kit with no slab needed, people can have backyard studios installed where access is difficult (eg: no access other than through the house) and on sloping land without major excavations. We can also provide prefab backyard studio buildings, delivered complete where access allows, ready for you to move in, work, hang out, or get creative in almost no time compared to conventional building methods.

How much does it cost for a backyard studio?

How much your backyard studio will cost depends on the size, location, and complexity. A simple studio room with internal lining and electricity is the cheapest. Many people add a powder room, shower, or kitchenette – however, plumbing and sewerage connections will add to the cost quite significantly. Backyard workshops, hobby rooms, etc, can be exempt from approval. Whatever salespeople might say, the Australian building code dictates that all ‘habitable’ rooms in Australia are subject to some form of approval. No worries, if you like, we can help you to get an approved backyard studio that is insurable for occupancy and will add value to your home as extra ‘legal’ space for living, working, or sleeping.

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Backyard studio project examples

Ask us for help

We’re happy to help with your backyard studio project – either with a flat-pack studio kit, installation to lock-up or fit-out (Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, and most other areas of NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD) – or get a prefab studio pod delivered complete. Click the button above to get started:

Will I be able to DIY my studio pod project?

It’s easy in principle to DIY using a backyard studio kit but ONLY if you’ve got previous building experience and the appropriate tools. Plenty of people have undertaken a DIY backyard building project with success but only you know your capabilities. If in doubt about your own construction skills, we can help you get installation done to lock-up stage (eg: weatherproof but no interior linings or connections), and then you can DIY the internal finishing. If you’re not so handy or need to save time, get a prefab studio pod instead.