Backyard Studios

Backyard Pods began in 2017 with the very first studio pod made from 100% Australian-made Truecore steel framing with Colorbond cladding and Zincalume roof. Since then, backyard studios have become a must-have for many homeowners – even those with the tiniest backyards or small inner-city courtyards. Using a Backyard Pod studio kit with no slab needed, people can have backyard studios installed where access is difficult (eg: no access other than through the house) and on sloping land without major excavations.

How much for a backyard studio?

How much your studio pod will cost depends on the size and complexity. A simple studio room with internal lining and electricity is the lowest cost option. Many people like to add a powder room, shower, or kitchenette – plumbing and sewerage connections will add to the cost. All habitable rooms (eg: studio rooms with interior lining, furnishings, etc) in Australia are subject to building approvals. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. No worries, we can help you to get a fully approved backyard studio room that is insurable and will add value to your home as an additional living, working, or sleeping area. It’s usually quite easy to get a backyard music studio, design studio, craft studio, studio apartment, or multi-purpose studio room with or without bathroom facilities.

Ask us for help

We’re happy to help with your backyard studio project – either with a flat-pack studio kit, installation to lock-up, or complete fit-out (usually in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, other areas). Click the button below to get started:

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Will I be able to DIY my studio pod project?

It’s easy in principle to DIY using a backyard studio kit but ONLY if you’ve got previous building experience and the appropriate tools. Plenty of people have undertaken a DIY backyard building project with success but only you know your capabilities. If in doubt about your own construction skills, we can probably help you get installation done to lock-up stage (eg: weatherproof but no interior linings or connections), and then you can DIY the internal finishing.