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3.6m x 7m backyard pod installation - Beerburrum, QLD

About building a granny flat on the Gold Coast

If you’re planning to build a granny flat or tiny house in your backyard on the Gold Coast, you need to understand the basic rules before your project can proceed with building extra self-contained accommodation for your family or generating extra income from a backyard rental or Airbnb.

You cannot risk building any habitable room (eg: living area, bedroom, rumpus, study) on your land without certification for safe occupancy. Our Backyard Pods are Class 1 engineering-certified (suitable for a dwelling) already so you’re on the right track. We can introduce you to professionals who can help you through the planning and approval process for building a granny flat anywhere on the Gold Coast. We usually know some installers and builders in your area who can help get your project constructed. Doing your own project planning and coordination will save money and deliver more value for your budget.

To find out more, we’ll need some details about your site and location. Click below to send an enquiry:

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How much to build a granny flat on the Gold Coast?

Across the eastern states of Australia, the average minimum recommended budget for building a fully self-contained granny flat in your backyard – complete with the connection of services and fit-out so that it’s move-in ready, is usually about $60,000 plus council fees. Many people get finance to build the granny flat because it’s a significant improvement to your home with the potential to repay the investment very quickly if rented out. We can also help you to organise granny flat finance – it takes one simple form to get started with an authorised finance broker who specialises in home improvement loans and refinancing.

What are the rules for granny flats on the Gold Coast?

If you would like to learn more for yourself about local building requirements before asking for help with your project, study the Gold Coast City Council granny flat regulations by clicking below:

Sky-high granny flat 3.6m x 8.5m with deck and veranda at Oxenford, Gold Coast QLD

Looking at the original view of this property in Oxenford, northwestern Gold Coast QLD, with its tight confines and drastic slope, it seemed impossible for anyone to build a granny flat there. Yet, with the help of our QLD network partners, you can see this sky-high elevated granny flat, based on a custom-sized Backyard Pods kit using special piers, successfully nearing completion.

1-bedroom backyard cabin 4m x 10m with private facilities at Helensvale, Gold Coast

Our customer at Helensvale on the Gold Coast didn’t need a completely self-contained granny flat. Just a backyard cabin with a separate bedroom and ensuite, an open-plan living area, and a kitchenette. They can share laundry facilities with the main house. With a Backyard Pod kit 4m x 10m, combined with our veranda and deck kit 1.5m-wide, our customer met their needs on a budget even with a sloping block. Approvals and on-site works were handled for them by our QLD network.

2BR prefab granny flat or cabin 6m x 9m, ‘Coolum’ design, delivered complete (QLD)

The deluxe ‘Coolum’ design 2BR prefab granny flat or self-contained cabin 6m x 9m is pre-wired, pre-plumbed, cyclone-rated, and delivered complete anywhere in Queensland. This upgraded example shows how basic prefab granny flat designs can be customised.

Low-cost ‘forever home’ granny flat 3.6m x 14m at Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast QLD

Sharon’s elderly mother had a final wish – that her daughter would have a place to call her own. It followed for Sharon to build a low-cost granny flat on her son’s property at Mount Tamborine on Queensland’s Gold Coast. When creating her ‘forever home’, Sharon did lots of research on kit homes and granny…

1BR ‘granny flat’ 4m x 8m for Gold Coast poolside downsizers

At Mermaid Beach, a couple with an established home wanted to explore the option of building a granny flat in their backyard. They could rent it out for the time being, and use it themselves if the maintenance of the main house and swimming pool ever became too onerous. This idea is gaining popularity as…

Getting started with a Gold Coast granny flat project

Read the answers to frequently asked questions (scroll down) and see some examples below. You can ask us for more information on how to get building approval organised, how to get your granny flat installed for you (if not DIY), and about getting services connected using a licensed plumber and electrician.

Confused about Gold Coast granny flat compliance and wanting to know if your project could get approval? Get a quick pre-approval project appraisal and advice on your site from a qualified architect.

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FAQ about granny flat approvals Gold Coast

What is a granny flat on the Gold Coast?

A granny flat is a secondary dwelling on your property where there is already a primary residence. In most areas of Australia, secondary accommodation is a granny flat whether or not it is being occupied by a family member or someone else, occupied full or part-time, rented out or non-commercial.

What if it’s just a bedroom with no kitchen or bathroom?

You still need approval for an extra bedroom as it is somewhere you’re proposing for people to live in, to some extent, even if it’s just the occasional house guest staying for a few nights. The granny flat approval process also ensures structures that are intended for someone to live in (or just sleep at night) are SAFE for people to inhabit and compliant with the national building code for safety and energy efficiency.

Are there fees involved in getting granny flats approved on the Gold Coast?

Yes, throughout Australia there are fees involved in getting building approvals, whether this is done through a local council or private building certifier. The amount of these fees varies between councils, processes, and proposed projects. It’s usually a few thousand dollars but this is a worthwhile investment.

What else is needed to get Gold Coast granny flats approved?

You can save time in the process by obtaining a copy of your site plan and sewerage diagram for your property (ask the local council). You will also need to get professional drawings of your site and proposed structure (we can refer you to people who can help). There are complex forms to be completed and you can get help with these too.

Are there consequences for building a Gold Coast granny flat without approval?

Where granny flats have been constructed without approval, councils may insist on demolition and perhaps impose fines. At best, further works and expenses in order to grant approval retrospectively. Having a non-compliant structure on your property could also void the insurance on the main residence should an incident occur. The lack of compliance could seriously compromise the value of your home if resold. It’s not worth taking any of these risks. Follow the regulations in your area for everyone’s safety and peace of mind.



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