Backyard Pods are the most versatile building solution in Australia. It’s amazing what people will do with their Backyard Pods. In many areas, depending on size and intended purpose (eg: storage), it’s possible to have a Backyard Pod without needing specific approval. Other customers get approval for their projects and can enjoy them for many years to come. Read some of their stories here and if you need help to get your pod dream started, just ask us.

Garden granny flat 4m x 8m with porch in Kingsville, inner Melbourne VIC

Garden granny flat 4m x 8m with porch in Kingsville, inner Melbourne VIC

It’s not so easy to build a rentable granny flat in VIC, compared to NSW and QLD. But when someone in the family needs separate accommodation, and in other special circumstances, it’s fairly easy to get these needs met in Melbourne. This well-considered backyard cabin at Kingsville, a desirable inner suburb just northwest of Yarraville, has everything needed for independent living in great comfort and style.

Multi-purpose granny flat Brisbane QLD 4m x 11m with eaves in Everton Park

Multi-purpose granny flat Brisbane QLD 4m x 11m with eaves in Everton Park

This sleek Backyard Pod in Colorbond Monument 4m x 11m with eaves cost less than HALF what builders had quoted for a conventional home extension in Brisbane. The family now enjoys a huge multi-purpose living, media, and rumpus room with versatile facilities to allow for future use as a self-contained granny flat or extended family accommodation.

Teenage retreat with shower and toilet 3.6m x 7m at Preston, Melbourne VIC

Practical teenage retreat with ensuite 3.6m x 7m at Preston, Melbourne VIC

Over the years, we have helped many customers in Melbourne where rentable granny flats are not easy for people to achieve as in NSW and QLD. Even so, there are still ways to add extra accommodation to properties in Melbourne, and this handsome little project is just one example where a practical teenage retreat with ensuite replaced a near-useless old shed.

DIY guest cabin with ensuite 4.5m x 6m at Anglesea, near Geelong VIC

Our customers in Anglesea, southwest of Melbourne beyond the famous Bells Beach, wanted a guest cabin including an ensuite at the rear of their property. With sufficient previous building experience and the right tools, they successfully undertook their project as DIY owner-builders using a flatpack building kit from Backyard Pods. They shared their construction pics so you can see how they did it.

Earth-toned home office pod 3m x 3.3m on skids at Torquay, coastal VIC

Our customer wanted a small home office pod against the boundary fence (usually a no-no) and it had to be an exact non-standard size to suit their design. They also wanted the low-cost structure to be attractive-looking to enhance the desirable coastal home with its existing focal-point backyard entertainment area. The finished home office pod, with its timber surrounds, proudly achieves its purpose inside and out.

Contemporary poolside guest cabin with ensuite 3m x 6m at Seven Hills, Sydney NSW

Contemporary poolside guest cabin with ensuite 3m x 6m completed at Seven Hills, Sydney NSW

This 3m x 6m Backyard Pod completed at Seven Hills, Sydney, shows that you don’t need much space for a poolhouse with ensuite! It’s energy-efficient too, featuring our range of Polar Eco View double-glazed modular doors and windows for energy efficiency and a lovely, open outlook to the lawn and paved pool patio area.

Backyard office pod 3.6m x 8m - Bald Hills, QLD

Approved home office 3.6m x 8m with timber accents in Bald Hills QLD

In Bald Hills, a suburb of Brisbane QLD, when our customers wanted to build a home office and rumpus 3.6m x 8m in their backyard, it needed approval. We helped with approvals and now you can see from these images how much they are enjoying their personalised Backyard Pod as a detached home extension for living.

Backyard studio 4.5m x 9m with veranda at Eltham in Melbourne VIC

Eltham is known for leafy streets, lovely gardens, and timeless serenity. What more would an Eltham homeowner desire? A beautiful backyard studio from Backyard Pods, of course, with a welcoming front deck and veranda. It was fully approved and installed for our customer through our Backyard Pods Melbourne network.

Backyard office 3.6m x 3m, McKellar, ACT

Sleek backyard office pod 3.6m x 3m anchored to slab in Canberra ACT

Backyard Pods normally have our foundation piers elevating the flooring structure above ground level. Where an existing slab is dry and suitable, some customers successfully anchor the integrated flooring (for structural integrity) to their slab. Our customer in Canberra sat their Backyard Pod on a slab and it looks very sleek in ‘Night Sky’ with black accents.

4m x 6m granny flat interior ideas

Boho-style guest cabin and private retreat 4m x 6m at coastal Avalon VIC

Here’s an inspiring Backyard Pods Geelong story from a customer who built a divine boho-style guest cabin and private retreat using one of our flat-pack kits. Start with our low-cost, simple, strong structures (with higher-than-usual ceiling heights) and use your imagination to create your space your way.

Home-based business office 4m x 5m - Lithgow Blue Mountains

Home-based business office 4m x 5m at Lithgow, Blue Mountains NSW

Mark, a successful financial advisor in the Blue Mountains NSW, came to Backyard Pods wanting a low-cost, professional-looking home office building where his clients would feel comfortable visiting. After waiting 15 years for his home-office dream to finally come true, Mark loves his new office with country-style veranda and his clients are very impressed!

Simple DIY backyard studio 3.6m x 7m - Sunshine Coast, QLD

Simple DIY backyard studio with ensuite for bedsitter cabin 3.6m x 7m at Sunshine Coast QLD

With previous building experience and the right tools, people can save on building a DIY backyard studio. Look at these stage-by-stage construction shots sent by our Sunshine Coast customer who is now the proud owner/builder of a modern 3.6m x 7m backyard studio – a bedsitter cabin with ensuite and kitchenette.

Beautiful backyard studio 4m x 6m at Coburg, Melbourne VIC

Beautiful backyard music studio 4m x 6m at Coburg, Melbourne VIC

Melbourne is a vibrant city where people share creative passions like art and music. But when you live close to the city, houses and backyards tend to be smaller. So what do you do if you love music and want a studio for band rehearsals, a little extra room for yoga, or somewhere for occasional guests to stay? You get a Backyard Pod, of course!

The original ‘granny pod’ guest cabin 3.6m x 7m at Newcastle NSW

This so-called ‘granny pod’ in a suburb of Newcastle, once featured by us on Channel 9 News, was originally proposed for a member of the extended family who would be able to join the family for meals inside the main house, and use the main laundry. Time went by, needs changed, and today the ‘granny pod’ serves beautifully as a poolside guest cabin adjacent to the main home’s deck and barbeque area.