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Bathroom and laundry extension 2.5 x 5m + 4 x 7m L-shaped in Bonville cladding at Croydon NSW

Our customer embarked on the renovation of her delightful duplex home located in Croydon NSW. She wanted to extend her existing home to accommodate a new laundry and bathroom, where the old-style rear of the home could be gutted to make room for a more modern Australian-style kitchen and open-plan living area. After considering her…

Garden home-office 3.6m x 5m with eaves and blade walls in Strathmore VIC

So many of us are able to work from home these days, yet it can be difficult to make a perfect, distraction-free space. Adrian, from Strathmore VIC, needed an extra room for a quiet home office in the garden where he could stay focused, creative, and professional – all while being close to the convenience…

Poolside rumpus with bathroom 3m x 9m at Reedy Creek, Gold Coast QLD

Brad and Kirsten needed a chill-out rumpus room for the kids, a late-night media room for watching footy and Netflix, and somewhere private for guests to stay. However, their compact backyard was mostly taken up by their swimming pool. They had a lightbulb moment… “We need a pool house!” This would be a multi-purpose space…

Ultimate ‘man-cave’ 4m x 8m with veranda makes room for hobbies in suburban Sunbury VIC

Dave’s wife gave him an ultimatum: “Get your pinball machines out of the house or else!” So, Dave embarked on finding a way to enjoy his vintage amusements with his mates and kids, without disrupting the household, which led him to Backyard Pods. Dave explored several options, such as getting a shed on a concrete…

Self-contained garden apartment 4m x 10m with N4 wind rating for suburban Katoomba NSW

The term ‘granny flat’ shouldn’t deter anyone from enjoying the privacy and security of a modern-day garden apartment on the family property, even where N4 wind rating is needed. This spacious, stylish ‘man-pad’ is the home of someone who returned from serving overseas in the defence forces. The goal was to create a 1-bedroom fully…

Accessible granny flat (DPU) 3m x 8m with eaves and veranda at Mornington, outside Melbourne VIC

Some councils that don’t permit granny flats for potential renting may allow a DPU (dependent person’s unit) to be built on the property to accommodate a family member if certain structural and situational conditions are met. A customer with a lovely home on Melbourne’s desirable Mornington Peninsula purchased a 3m x 8m Backyard Pod kit…

Relocatable office pod 3m x 4m at heritage-listed National Art School, Darlinghurst, Sydney NSW

The National Art School in Darlinghurst, an inner-eastern suburb of Sydney, needed to enlarge and upgrade its security checkpoint to house new security and communications systems operated by on-site security staff. Situated at the former Darlinghurst Gaol, heritage listing called for the new office to ‘touch the earth lightly’ and not interfere with the existing…

Easy DIY multi-purpose ‘family fun’ pod 3.6m x 6m at Windsor Downs, Sydney NSW

This family quickly and easily made their Backyard Pod into a much-loved cabin for slumber parties, office work, a rumpus room, and music practice. It’s an example of how a Backyard Pod can create an affordable space for everyone to enjoy. Whether you have a small-sized block, or an acre of land as in this…

Low-cost ‘forever home’ granny flat 3.6m x 14m at Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast QLD

Sharon’s elderly mother had a final wish – that her daughter would have a place to call her own. It followed for Sharon to build a Backyard Pod on her son’s property at Mount Tamborine on Queensland’s Gold Coast. When creating her ‘forever home’, Sharon did lots of research on kit homes and granny flats,…

Gorgeous ‘garden studio’ 3m x 6m nestled poolside in village of Blue Mountains NSW

A creative Blue Mountains resident dreamed of a low-cost garden studio room that would fit nicely with the vintage Blue Mountains feel. This charming poolside cabana started with a Basic Backyard Pod Kit 3m x 6m in Colorbond® ‘Monument’ with foundation piers. The roof is standard skillion profile in standard Zincalume®. Part of a low…

DIY Scandi-style ‘creative studio with ensuite’ 3m x 7m for suburban backyard in Canberra ACT

With basic construction skills and attention to compliance, you can save on your Backyard Pod with DIY. This prospect appealed to a family living in a suburb of Canberra. They needed versatile studio space to suit the various needs of a couple and three children. How did they achieve their plans? Take a look at…

Affordable future-ready granny flat (DPU) 4m x 8m with veranda in suburban Melbourne VIC

In Melbourne, the challenge of extended family living was resolved by cost-effective completion of an approved granny flat (DPU) in a Backyard Pod. A working mum with a young son was living with her mother and grandmother. After her grandmother passed away, it was time to re-assess living arrangements for her mother, her son and…

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  • Get the extra space you need - fast, low-cost, easy
  • Granny flats, offices, studios - DIY or installed
  • Granny flat approval? No worries - we help

DIY or local installer

Easy DIY for experienced handypeople or we can put you in touch with a local installer or licensed builder.

Free of approvals*

In many cases, your Backyard Pod project can be completed without any special approval. Read more about exempt development.

Fixed specs and pricing

With Backyard Pods, you can know what you’re getting and anticipate total costs before you get started.

Movable buildings

Can be built on skids (instead of piers) for DPUs, site huts, relocatables, etc. Sell/move it in future.
Backyard Pods onsite construction walkthrough Sydney

No delay - we're still manufacturing and delivering

  • Installation now available Sydney, Blue Mountains
  • Installation now available greater Melbourne area
  • Installation now available Gold Coast, Brisbane
  • Installation now available Central Coast, Newcastle
  • Installation now available Orange, Bathurst, Lithgow

Can be exempt development in NSW (conditions apply) – VIC and QLD have different regulations – read more about approvals here.

Finance for granny flats
Granny flats N4 wind rating

Backyard Pods are engineering certified Class 1 (dwelling) with standard N3 wind rating – now also available with N4 wind rating, compliant for building in high-wind areas (at a small additional cost based on pod size).

Flooring system included - no concrete slab

With a Backyard Pod, there’s no need for the hassle and expense of pouring a concrete slab, or trying to turn a slab-based shed or garage into a habitable cabin, converting shipping containers, etc.

Backyard Pod kits come complete with an engineered flooring system and yellow-tongue floor, ready for floating floorboards, vinyl, or carpet – any floor covering you choose.

The Backyard Pod floor structure ‘floats’ above-ground on optional foundation piers, allowing easy and economical installation even on sloping land.


Optional DIY foundation piers

Best quality materials for endless versatility

Only the best-prefabricated pod kits are recommended for your new home office, art studio, she-shed, man-cave, teenage retreat, rumpus, study, music room, yoga space, guest sleep-out – whatever your backyard pod dream!

Quality materials, engineering, and workmanship combine to create a pod that will perform beautifully for many years. Can be made easy to relocate.

  • Genuine BlueScope Steel
  • Prefabrication by Steeline
  • Proudly made in Australia
  • Engineered/certified Class 1
  • Endless design options
  • Your choice of extras
  • Personalised fit-outs
  • DIY or get installation

Select from our range of exclusive designs for backyard pods with a purpose.

Home offices, studios, sleep-outs, cabins, granny flats, and more. Brilliant floor plans and great-looking structures at incredible prices.

You can also come up with your own customised pod design for Backyard Pods to do the fabrication, construction, and installation. So easy!



Basic pod kits can be customised any way you want – with kitchenettes or full kitchens, powder rooms or full bathrooms, air conditioning, and more.

You can even have pods joined together to make a larger space – maybe a whole house for an unbelievably low price compared to conventional construction.

Talk to us about what you’d like to create with your pod.

We can deliver pod kits to almost any location in Australia. Shipping costs vary depending on your location and the size of the pod, as to the size/weight of materials to be delivered.

Access is no problem with pod kits as they are delivered flat-packed and materials can be walked around to the rear of the property for easy assembly.

Although we do not install pods directly, we can often help by introducing an installer or licensed builder in these areas:

Sydney metropolitan area

Melbourne metropolitan area

Newcastle and surrounding areas

Gold Coast and surrounding areas

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Choose from 22 genuine Colorbond® colours


3m x 6m garden studio Blue Mountains

Gorgeous Blue Mountains garden studio 3m x 6m

This charming poolside garden cabana building, completed in the Blue Mountains, started with a Basic Backyard Pod Kit 3m x 6m in Colorbond® ‘Monument’ and standard foundation piers. The roof is standard skillion profile in standard Zincalume®. How did they get the look?

Part of an existing low-height stone retaining wall was demolished for the pod to be constructed. The stones were recycled as a decorative surround for the piers, making it appear as if the pod is actually built on stone foundations. The timber-framed French doors add to the vintage look that perfectly suits the main residence and the Blue Mountains village atmosphere.

Pool cabana kit Sydney

Stunning inner-Sydney poolside cabana

One of the superstars in our Sydney backyard pod installer network, Lex Mahony, recently made dreams come true for his inner-city client with completion of this stunning, low-budget poolside cabana room in Colorbond® ‘Night Sky’ with black-framed windows, stacker doors, and contemporary outdoor lighting details in black.

In some areas of Australia, like NSW, for example, it can be possible to build a straightforward cabana in the backyard without needing permission.

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Watch rapid on-site assembly

Delivered as a flat-pack kit, Backyard Pods are fully engineered for structural integrity and easily assembled on-site from the instructions and fixings supplied. You can buy a flat-pack Backyard Pod kit and put it together yourself (with a little help from your friends). Alternatively, you could have a local builder or shed erector install it for you – and here we might be able to help. We know experienced Backyard Pod installers in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central West NSW, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and other areas. We also know professionals who can help with development applications and building permits if needed for your project. Just ask for more information.


Backyard Pod desk

Home office tax deductions?

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to claim a home office pod in your backyard as a business expense if you seek an accountant’s advice.

Granny flats and holiday cabins

Consider turning your home-style hospitality into a money-spinner with cost-effective accommodation pods. Please note that all habitable pod projects (bedrooms, etc) will need relevant approvals.

Backyard Pod desk

Backyard Pods as hang-outs

Kids growing and home too small for their friends to gather? Keep them close but maintain more peace and privacy in the main residence with a Backyard Pod. Backyard Pods can provide the extra room that the whole family needs for storage, work, study, hobbies, or whatever.


Colorbond® rainwater tanks for granny flats help save environment

In dry Australia, everyone needs to conserve water. Backyard Pods formed a supply partnership with Kingspan to provide slimline Colorbond® rainwater tanks to match our Colorbond® Backyard Pods for delivery in VIC, NSW, ACT, and SE QLD.

Granny flats Melbourne – new VIC backyard building code

Granny flats Melbourne are here at last. Victoria has quietly launched a program to fast-track approvals for secondary dwellings like Backyard Pods. The Melbourne granny flats can be used for extended family or to gain rental income.

Buy exterior wall mounting plates for Colorbond® walls and water tanks from Backyard Pods

How do you attach exterior lights, taps, and powerpoints to the 762 corrugated profile of Colorbond® external wall cladding? Buy some clever new Corryplates from Backyard Pods.

New ‘Bonville’ cladding now available in greater Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter region

While many people believe the traditional corrugated profile of Colorbond is perfectly synonymous with the Australian landscape, others will prefer the square-style profile of

How to build DIY bedroom with Backyard Pods and Handyman

This month we are featured in Handyman Magazine, how to “How to build a backyard bedroom by yourself” – our DIY backyard bedroom solution. You can see our ad and editorial feature in Handyman, available at all Bunnings stores or by subscription (a great gift for handypeople). Many people who are handy with power tools,…

New Backyard Pods range with extended eaves

Exciting news for would-be Backyard Pod owners everywhere is our new range of pods with extended eaves. While most people think pods look cute with their simple basic shape, people wanting to make a whole house out of pods or wanting an extension to an existing home are starting to prefer our new range of…

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You can buy external wall mounting plates for corrugated profiles like Colorbond® right here. The ‘small’ size covers two corrugations, perfect for mounting smaller items like external powerpoints, switches, taps, etc. The ‘large’ size covers three corrugations and is ideal for mounting larger items like external lighting and making openings for pipework, etc. Choose your external mounting plates below and we’ll ship promptly by Australia Post.