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We’re here to help with designs, approvals, and the cheapest ways to get a backyard studio, granny flat, office pod, home extension, tiny house, portable building, and more. In Melbourne, Sydney, Blue Mountains, Canberra, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and regional areas you can make huge savings and build almost anything more easily using genuine Australian-made, engineering-certified Backyard Pods.

DIY, built to lock-up, or completed for you


Every project using Backyard Pods is unique – make yours however you like. People start with the SIZE of their basic ‘box’ structure and personal choices are made from there. You might want to copy one of these customer examples or take inspiration. You can sketch a design idea and we can help put your specifications together from there. We can design for you and help with architectural drawings and approvals if needed. You can save and de-risk your project by retaining control with our help. Browse these examples – so many different styles and purposes! Some are DIY or owner-builder projects, some were installed to lock-up for owners to finish the insides, and others were fully completed for happy customers by our team partners in NSW, VIC, and QLD.

Elevated poolside granny flat 3.6m x 8.5m at Bli Bli, Sunshine Coast QLD

When it looks ‘impossible’ to build a granny flat, that’s when you call Backyard Pods. Our customer in Bli Bli wanted a deluxe poolside granny flat that would hide a nightmare of tanks and plumbing underneath. With a custom design from our network architect, approval was gained for the standard 3.6m x 9m flatpack building kit to be cut down in size to 8.5m in length, gaining every available square metre available from this very compact site.

Designer-style granny flat 3.6m x 9m on sloping block in Mount Cotton, Brisbane QLD

Understated outside, bright and stylish inside – this superb Brisbane granny flat reflects clever choices made by the owners. They wanted a self-contained cabin that wouldn’t detract from their main residence. The large, battleaxe block with steep, bushy slope and restricted access would challenge most types of construction. Step inside now and you’ll feel right at home.

Superb 2BR DIY owner-builder granny flat 4.5m x 13m in Blackheath, Blue Mountains NSW

We can help with granny flat installations in most areas but many of our customers are DIY owner-builders. Our customers in the Blue Mountains got our help with approval and flatpack materials, then undertook their beautifully designed 2-bedroom secondary dwelling as a family project. With meticulous attention to detail and innovative ideas, this ‘granny flat’ will house family and visitors for now, and have future income potential as a luxurious holiday cabin or long-term rental.

Earth-toned home office pod 3m x 3.3m on skids at Torquay, coastal VIC

Our customer wanted a small home office pod against the boundary fence (usually a no-no) and it had to be an exact non-standard size to suit their design. They also wanted the low-cost structure to be attractive-looking to enhance the desirable coastal home with its existing focal-point backyard entertainment area. The finished home office pod, with its timber surrounds, proudly achieves its purpose inside and out.

Contemporary poolside guest cabin with ensuite 3m x 6m completed at Seven Hills, Sydney NSW

This 3m x 6m Backyard Pod completed at Seven Hills, Sydney, shows that you don’t need much space for a poolhouse with ensuite! It’s energy-efficient too, featuring our range of Polar Eco View double-glazed modular doors and windows for energy efficiency and a lovely, open outlook to the lawn and paved pool patio area.

Backyard studio 4.5m x 9m with veranda at Eltham in Melbourne VIC

Eltham is known for leafy streets, lovely gardens, and timeless serenity. What more would an Eltham homeowner desire? A beautiful backyard studio from Backyard Pods, of course, with a welcoming front deck and veranda. It was fully approved and installed for our customer through our Backyard Pods Melbourne network.

Stunning backyard office pod 3m x 6m in Colorbond ‘Deep Ocean’ at West Ryde, Sydney NSW

A stunning WFH backyard office pod home extension at West Ryde, Sydney NSW, features a 3m x 6m kit from Backyard Pods in Colorbond ‘Deep Ocean’ colour – a great example of using bold exterior colours for a contemporary architectural statement.

Beautiful backyard music studio 4m x 6m at Coburg, Melbourne VIC

Melbourne is a vibrant city where people share creative passions like art and music. But when you live close to the city, houses and backyards tend to be smaller. So what do you do if you love music and want a studio for band rehearsals, a little extra room for yoga, or somewhere for occasional guests to stay? You get a Backyard Pod, of course!

Stylish home office pod 2.1m x 3.6m with Scandustrial details at Cobbitty, Western Sydney NSW

This stunning contemporary backyard office pod in Sydney is an inspiration. Custom-sized to fit in a very tight space, with the timber-look face and trendy Scandustrial detailing it adds value to the home and makes a great home office space away from the home. Would you like a home office pod like this one?

2BR prefab granny flat or cabin 6m x 9m, ‘Coolum’ design, delivered complete (QLD)

The deluxe ‘Coolum’ design 2BR prefab granny flat or self-contained cabin 6m x 9m is pre-wired, pre-plumbed, cyclone-rated, and delivered complete anywhere in Queensland. This upgraded example shows how basic prefab granny flat designs can be customised.

Granny flat display now open compact 3m x 8m tiny house installed at Campbelltown, Sydney NSW

Where to visit our granny flat display in Sydney, this compact 3m x 8m complete tiny house in Campbelltown, western Sydney, now open to book an appointment for your visit. It’s a must-see for anyone in Sydney thinking about tiny houses or building a granny flat in the backyard – exclusive Backyard Pods display.

Ultimate ‘man-cave’ 4m x 8m with veranda makes room for hobbies in suburban Sunbury VIC

Discover how this Sunbury VIC local built an ultimate ‘man-cave’ with veranda to enjoy his hobbies in his own backyard on a low budget. You won’t believe the amazing atmosphere created inside by the proud owner with his collection of pinball machines and other eclectic vintage items.


Ready to find out how much for your building kit

  • Get the extra space you need - low-cost, easy
  • Granny flats, home offices, backyard studios
  • Delivered prefab complete, DIY, or installed
  • Granny flat approval? No worries - we help

Prefab, DIY, or installed

Get a prefab delivered complete (site permitting). Otherwise, experienced people with the right tools can DIY, or we can help with a local installer.

Free of approvals*

In some cases, your Backyard Pod project won’t need any approval (but always for granny flats, bedrooms, etc). Read more about exempt development.

Fixed specs and pricing

With Backyard Pods, you can know what you’re getting and anticipate total costs before you get started.

Portable buildings

Can be built on skids (instead of piers) for movable DPUs, site huts, tiny houses, relocatables, dongers, etc.

  • Installation now available Sydney, Blue Mountains
  • Installation now available greater Melbourne area
  • Installation now available Gold Coast, Brisbane
  • Installation now available Central Coast, Newcastle
  • Installation now available Orange, Bathurst, Lithgow
  • Installation now available Northern Rivers NSW
  • Installation now available Sunshine Coast QLD

Can be exempt development in NSW (conditions apply) – VIC and QLD have different regulations – read more about approvals here.

Finance for granny flats
Granny flats N4 wind rating

Backyard Pods are engineering certified Class 1 (dwelling) with standard N3 wind rating – now also available with N4 wind rating, compliant for building in high-wind areas (at a small additional cost based on pod size).

Flooring system included - no slab

With a Backyard Pod steel habitable flatpack building kit, there’s no need for the hassle and expense of pouring a concrete slab, or trying to turn a slab-based shed or garage into a makeshift backyard cabin, converting shipping containers into studios, etc.

Backyard Pod kits come complete with an engineered flooring system and yellow-tongue floor, ready for floating floorboards, vinyl, or carpet – any floor covering you choose. Prefabs come with your choice of floor coverings as well.

The Backyard Pod floor structure ‘floats’ above-ground on optional foundation piers, allowing easy and economical installation even on sloping land. Flat-pack kits can be installed on our optional skids for portability. All of our prefab Backyard Pods are cyclone-rated and on skids so they’re movable if needed.

Optional DIY foundation piers

Ask for our FREE flatpack building designs

Only the best-prefabricated pod kits are recommended for your new home office, art studio, she-shed, man-cave, teenage retreat, rumpus, study, music room, yoga space, guest sleep-out – whatever your backyard pod dream!

Quality materials, engineering, and workmanship combine to create a pod that will perform beautifully for many years. Can be made easy to relocate.

  • Genuine BlueScope Steel
  • All-Australian fabrication
  • Proudly designed in Australia
  • Engineered/certified Class 1
  • Endless design options
  • Your choice of extras
  • Personalised fit-outs
  • DIY or get installation*

Select from our range of exclusive designs for backyard pods with a purpose.

Home offices, studios, sleep-outs, cabins, granny flats, and more. Brilliant floor plans and great-looking structures at incredible prices.

You can also come up with your own customised pod design for Backyard Pods to do the fabrication, construction, and installation. So easy!



Basic pod kits can be customised any way you want – with kitchenettes or full kitchens, powder rooms or full bathrooms, air conditioning, and more.

You can even have pods joined together to make a larger space – maybe a whole house for an unbelievably low price compared to conventional construction.

Talk to us about what you’d like to create with your pod.

We can deliver pod kits to almost any location in Australia. Shipping costs vary depending on your location and the size of the pod, as to the size/weight of materials to be delivered.

Access is no problem with pod kits as they are delivered flat-packed and materials can be walked around to the rear of the property for easy assembly.

Although we do not install pods directly, we can often help by introducing an installer or licensed builder in these areas:

Sydney metropolitan area

Melbourne metropolitan area

Newcastle and surrounding areas

Gold Coast and surrounding areas

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Choose from 22 genuine Colorbond® colours


Gorgeous flat pack 'garden studio' 3m x 6m nestled poolside in village of Blue Mountains NSW

Gorgeous Blue Mountains backyard studio 3m x 6m

This charming poolside backyard studio building, completed in the Blue Mountains, started with a Backyard Pod Kit 3m x 6m in Colorbond® ‘Monument’ and standard foundation piers. The roof is standard skillion profile in standard Zincalume®. How did they get the look?

Part of an existing low-height stone retaining wall was demolished for the pod to be constructed. The stones were recycled as a decorative surround for the piers, making it appear as if the pod is actually built on stone foundations. The timber-framed French doors add to the vintage look that perfectly suits the main residence and the Blue Mountains village atmosphere.

Pool cabana kit Sydney

Stunning inner-Sydney poolside cabana room

One of the superstars in our Sydney backyard pod installer network made dreams come true for his inner-city client with the completion of this stunning, low-budget poolside cabana room in Colorbond® ‘Night Sky’ with black-framed windows, stacker doors, and contemporary outdoor lighting details in black.

In some areas of Australia, like NSW, for example, it can be possible to build a straightforward cabana in the backyard without needing permission. If you’re building poolside, you are required to comply with pool safety regulations and maintain your pool certification with compliant fencing, etc. You can ask a local pool certifier for advice if needed.

Watch rapid on-site assembly

When delivered as a flat-pack kit (rather than prefab), Backyard Pods are fully engineered for structural integrity and easily assembled on-site from the instructions and fixings supplied. You can buy a flat-pack Backyard Pod kit and put it together yourself (with a little help from your friends). Alternatively, you could have a local builder or shed erector install it for you – and here we might be able to help. We know experienced Backyard Pod installers in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central West NSW, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and other areas. We also know professionals who can help with development applications and building permits if needed for your project. Just ask for more information.


Backyard Pod desk

Home office tax deductions?

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to claim a home office pod in your backyard as a business expense if you seek an accountant’s advice.

Granny flats and holiday cabins

Consider turning your home-style hospitality into a money-spinner with cost-effective accommodation pods. Please note that all habitable pod projects (bedrooms, etc) will need relevant approvals.

Backyard Pod desk

Backyard Pods as hang-outs

Kids growing and home too small for their friends to gather? Keep them close but maintain more peace and privacy in the main residence with a Backyard Pod. Backyard Pods can provide the extra room that the whole family needs for storage, work, study, hobbies, or whatever.


Latest news and ideas about backyard building projects in Australia

Visit our new superstore Flatpack Building Kits – now open

Our flagship website, Backyard Pods, includes numerous real-life customer project examples and their construction journies to help everyone with ideas for their own projects. Meantime, our new superstore, Flatpack Building Kits, is now ready for streamlined quoting and ordering of almost everything needed for your project.

Building a granny flat in Melbourne made easier for homeowners

Changes to regulations in Victoria mean that it’s easier to build a granny flat in Melbourne and regional areas. It’s not correct to think you can just go ahead and build a granny flat without approval, however. Our network partner in Melbourne, a VIC-registered architect, is highly experienced and successful at getting granny flats approved for Backyard Pods customers, and you can start by getting advice.

What can go WRONG with DIY building – 2-bedroom DIY granny flat example

Many people successfully complete DIY building projects using flatpack kits from Backyard Pods. When the DIY project is a simple shed or workshop, a little deviation might not matter too much. But if the DIY project is an approved granny flat or habitable room, DIY builders and owner-builders can get into strife if they don’t follow their approved plans EXACTLY.

Build your own flat-pack tiny house like we saw on The Block 2022

Would you like a tiny house as we saw on The Block TV show 2022 season? Then start with one of our all-Australian steel (TruCore, Colorbond, Zincalume) flatpack building kits. Get your flatpack kit professionally installed or do it yourself, if you’ve got sufficient building experience and the right tools.

Granny flats QLD – Backyard Pods for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast

Great news for Queenslanders – you CAN have a granny flat in your backyard to rent out for extra income. The cheapest and best way to get an approved granny flat in QLD is with help from Backyard Pods. You can have a prefab granny flat or start your project with a flatpack building kit for professional installation or DIY.

Our home office pods made world-famous by BBC global magazine

Home office pods from Backyard Pods have been featured in the BBC Worklife magazine with Backyard Pods leading the world in affordable flatpack buildings – interview with our founder, Melanie Williamson, for commentary on the worldwide WFH phenomenon from the Australian perspective.

Prefab buildings or flat-pack kits


Attach exterior lights, powerpoints, and more with corrugated-wall mounting plates

You can buy external wall mounting plates for corrugated profiles like Colorbond® right here. The ‘small’ size covers two corrugations, perfect for mounting smaller items like external powerpoints, switches, taps, etc. The ‘large’ size covers three corrugations and is ideal for mounting larger items like external lighting and making openings for pipework, etc. Choose your external wall mounting plates below and we’ll ship them promptly by Australia Post.


*For DIY backyard studios, granny flats, offices, and other building projects, owner/builders will need previous building experience and appropriate tools

Approved tender supplier to Transport NSW and NSW Dept of Education