If you’re interested in a Backyard Pod kit that’s 4m x 10m in size, you can get a better idea of scale, space, and interior functionality by looking at other projects using the same size of Backyard Pod kit. Kits are available from 2.5m to 3.4m wide, and from 3m to 16m in length, with or without eaves and/or blade walls. Veranda/deck kits are available in 1.5m and 2m widths and can be full-length or part-length on the pod.

Granny flat Blue Mountains NSW

Self-contained garden apartment 4m x 10m with N4 wind rating for suburban Katoomba NSW

The term ‘granny flat’ shouldn’t deter anyone from enjoying the privacy and security of a modern-day garden apartment on the family property, even where N4 wind rating is needed. This spacious, stylish ‘man-pad’ is the home of someone who returned from serving overseas in the defence forces. The goal was to create a 1-bedroom fully…

Granny flat builders Five Dock

1BR granny flat 4m x 10m for Sydney backyard rental bonanza – BUILDING NOW

The owner of a contemporary-style renovated home on a large block in Five Dock, Sydney, was tired of mowing the unused rear section of the backyard, behind an existing swimming pool and pool-shed. This valuable land was simply going to waste and a nuisance to maintain. An old garden shed in the far corner could…