Commercial project examples


Backyard Pods have been used for MANY commercial purposes such as site offices, relocatable buildings, security offices, accommodation huts (eg: dongers), extra buildings, storage rooms, etc. We’ve helped many businesses and institutions to get a small or large structure built more efficiently and cost-effectively. Schools, government departments, mining companies, and others needing cost-effective commercial or institutional small buildings call Backyard Pods first. Read some of their stories here and ask us for help if needed.

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DEAR CUSTOMERS: Please send us more pics of your completed projects because other customers love seeing what you’ve achieved, like these examples:

Home-based business office 4m x 5m - Lithgow Blue Mountains

Home-based business office 4m x 5m at Lithgow, Blue Mountains NSW

Mark, a successful financial advisor in the Blue Mountains NSW, came to Backyard Pods wanting a low-cost, professional-looking home office building where his clients would feel comfortable visiting. After waiting 15 years for his home-office dream to finally come true, Mark loves his new office with country-style veranda and his clients are very impressed!

Versatile, cost-effective school pods 3m x 7m at Condell Park, Sydney NSW

It’s always a pleasure for us to help schools with cost-effective building solutions. While we have helped many private and public schools, Condell Park Public School in Sydney, with 5x Backyard Pods, is perhaps the most outstanding example of our flatpack building kits helping budgets stretch further when a school needs an extra storeroom, activity room, or staff room.

Twin pods 4.5m x 5.3m built in 2 weeks for wellness centre at Dandenong VIC

Twin office pods 4.5m x 5.3m built within 2 WEEKS for home-based business at Dandenong VIC

Many people need a small WFH office pod. Others have grand designs for getting more value out of their backyard with their business ideas. Our mindful customer from Dandenong wanted two pods side-by-side for their own ‘women’s wellness centre’. With our help to organise approvals and construction, these twin multi-purpose rooms were fully completed for our customer. The actual build time was only 2 weeks!

Photography studio darkroom pod - Newcastle NSW

Photography studio and darkroom pod 4.5m x 8m at Newcastle NSW

Creative people often need offices. That’s where a multi-purpose pod like this combination photography studio and darkroom provides a custom solution, whatever your work-from-home needs. The cheapest way to get a decent-sized home office or work studio in your backyard is by starting with an office pod or studio pod kit.

Budget-minded Backyard Pod kit 3m x 7m at Condell Park School NSW

Budget-minded Backyard Pod kit 3m x 7m at Condell Park School NSW

Even schools and other institutions are finding that building projects are more practical and affordable using flat-pack kits from Backyard Pods. Here’s a Backyard Pod being installed at Condell Park School in western Sydney (it’s one of three Backyard Pods there). You’ll find Backyard Pods at other schools as well. Did you know there’s even a Backyard Pod inside Sydney Harbour Bridge?

DIY 2-bedroom holiday cabin 3.6m x 13m with customised facade near Ballina NSW

DIY 2-bedroom holiday cabin 3.6m x 13m with customised facade near Ballina NSW

David and Mark have a beautiful property not far from Ballina in northern NSW, where they provide family respite accommodation. They had one respite cabin on the property, made from an upcycled mining donger (pre-used demountable building). But when the time came to create a second and even better cabin, their options were limited. Their…

Movable office pod 3m x 4m National Art School - Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW

Movable office pod 3m x 4m at National Art School, Darlinghurst, Sydney NSW

The National Art School in Darlinghurst, an inner-eastern suburb of Sydney, needed to enlarge and upgrade its security checkpoint to house new security and communications systems operated by on-site security staff. Situated at the former Darlinghurst Gaol, heritage listing called for the new movable office pod to ‘touch the earth lightly’ and not interfere with…

Relocatable catering pod - Kalbar, QLD

Relocatable commercial catering pod 2.5m x 4m on skids at wedding venue in Kalbar QLD

The wonderful White Chapel function centre at Kalbar, in Queensland’s beautiful Scenic Rim region, needed a cost-effective and relocatable small building to use for extra storage and preparation space at their operations on the site of an historic former Church. One of the key factors in choosing a solution was that it needed to be…

Relocatable hygiene-certified commercial business pod 3m x 3m Gold Coast QLD

Relocatable hygiene-certified commercial business pod 3m x 3m Gold Coast QLD

It’s amazing the many ways people are using Backyard Pods to find creative building solutions for unusual situations. Using skids, instead of foundation piers, smaller pods can be movable. This option has been adopted by customers in a variety of different situations. One of these on the Gold Coast we found quite surprising from several…