If you’re interested in a Backyard Pod kit that’s 2.5m x 5m in size, you can get a better idea of scale, space, and interior functionality by looking at other projects using the same size of Backyard Pod kit. Kits are available from 2.5m to 4.5m wide, and from 3m to 16m in length, with or without eaves and/or blade walls. Veranda/deck kits are available in 1.5m and 2m widths and can be full-length or part-length on the pod.

Bathroom and laundry extension in Bonville, Croyden, NSW

Bathroom and laundry extension 2.5m x 5m + 4m x 7m L-shaped in Bonville cladding at Croydon, Sydney NSW

This approved bathroom and laundry extension at Croydon in Sydney NSW was built more cost-effectively using Backyard Pod kits for the new structures, then fitting-out the interior as normal. People looking at a bathroom pod or laundry pod can also consider turning the pod into a home extension rather than a separate building.