Find out what you’re allowed to build on your land from low-cost professionals offering preliminary building approval advice


Sometimes people are just too busy or bewildered by regulations to figure out if they’ll be able to build what they want to build on their land. It used to be quite difficult for people who just needed a quick answer to questions like:

QUESTION: “Without getting into too many details at this early stage, can you tell me if what I’m proposing to build on my land is likely to be permissible or not, and if not, what would be permissible?”

Responding to the need of some customers for a quick interim appraisal, and the willingness of many people to pay a little to save wasting time and money on an idea that might never be permissible (or not permissible in the form initially proposed), we have found a few professionals who are happy to help all customers in New South Wales, Victoria, and now some other locations as well.

Approvals for Backyard Pods

Our Sydney building approvals advice partner has built his own granny flat in his own backyard using a Backyard Pods kit.

Rastiq Architecture floor plan


Rastiq Architecture floor plan

Sample drawings from one of the professionals who can help our Backyard Pods customers.

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