Nam Huynh

Nam Huynh, Registered Architect, 3 Corners Pty Ltd

Sometimes people are just too busy or bewildered by regulations to figure out if they’ll be able to complete a building project on their land. But it used to be very difficult for customers who just needed a quick answer to a relatively simple question like:

QUESTION: “Without getting into too many details at this stage, do you think what I’m proposing is likely to be permissible on my land or not?” 

Responding to the need of some customers for a quick interim appraisal, and the willingness of many people to pay a little to save wasting time and money on an idea that might never be permissible (or not in the form initially proposed), we finally found a professional who is happy to help all customers in Victoria and now some other locations as well.

Nam Huynh, a registered architect, is happy to give a preliminary heads-up on what you’re proposing for your property. Nam understands our specialised Backyard Pods engineering and has assisted many customers to get Backyard Pod projects for granny flats and habitable rooms successfully approvable for building.

Get a quick project appraisal heads-up today!


  • Check if your selected pod size is doable on your land (allowable space)
  • Alternatives for what is doable on your land (if not your first preference)
  • Check the planning overlay and zoning requirement for your property
  • Advice on requirements for a building permit and the approval process

Once this quick project appraisal is done, you can either [a] proceed with the next steps in completing your project as a potentially viable proposition, [b] revise your proposal into one that would be permissible, or [c] avoid wasting more time/money on an ill-conceived idea. So, whatever the outcome, it could be a ‘win’.

The fee to 3 Corners is prepaid however this fee is refundable (credited) against any future work that you may wish to have 3 Corners provide for your project (eg: working drawings, structural drawings, coordination of documentation, etc). Quick project appraisals are normally completed within 1-2 days of payment receipt.

To book a quick project heads-up appraisal by Nam Huynh, click below: