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Many people want an office pod in their backyard these days due to the WFH (work-from-home) trend. If your home is small, working at the dining table or in a bedroom is okay for a while but long-term you’ll need a home office that’s quiet (no kids or dogs!) and looks good in Zoom or Teams. You can have Scandi-style office pods (Scandi-style lining instead of plasterboard), Hamptons-style office pods (interior lining boards painted white), or classic (Gyprock painted any colour you like). Choose from more than 20 exterior Colorbond colours, add a deck and veranda, add modern timber-look detailing to look trendy in your backyard. N4 wind rating (eg: Blue Mountains) and cyclone rating (northern Queensland) options are available.


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Office pod designs – some examples

Backyard art studio with sink 3.6m x 6m in Woodland Grey at Doreen, Melbourne VIC

Step into the artistic realm of our valued customer in Doreen, Melbourne, VIC. Explore their personalized 3.6m x 6m Backyard Art Studio with a sink in Woodland Grey. Witness the fusion of creativity and functionality in this bespoke space.

Practical teenage retreat with ensuite 3.6m x 7m at Preston, Melbourne VIC

Over the years, we have helped many customers in Melbourne where rentable granny flats are not easy for people to achieve as in NSW and QLD. Even so, there are still ways to add extra accommodation to properties in Melbourne, and this handsome little project is just one example where a practical teenage retreat with ensuite replaced a near-useless old shed.

DIY guest cabin with ensuite 4.5m x 6m at Anglesea, near Geelong VIC

Our customers in Anglesea, southwest of Melbourne beyond the famous Bells Beach, wanted a guest cabin including an ensuite at the rear of their property. With sufficient previous building experience and the right tools, they successfully undertook their project as DIY owner-builders using a flatpack building kit from Backyard Pods. They shared their construction pics so you can see how they did it.

Earth-toned home office pod 3m x 3.3m on skids at Torquay, coastal VIC

Our customer wanted a small home office pod against the boundary fence (usually a no-no) and it had to be an exact non-standard size to suit their design. They also wanted the low-cost structure to be attractive-looking to enhance the desirable coastal home with its existing focal-point backyard entertainment area. The finished home office pod, with its timber surrounds, proudly achieves its purpose inside and out.

Contemporary poolside guest cabin with ensuite 3m x 6m completed at Seven Hills, Sydney NSW

This 3m x 6m Backyard Pod completed at Seven Hills, Sydney, shows that you don’t need much space for a poolhouse with ensuite! It’s energy-efficient too, featuring our range of Polar Eco View double-glazed modular doors and windows for energy efficiency and a lovely, open outlook to the lawn and paved pool patio area.

Approved home office 3.6m x 8m with timber accents in Bald Hills QLD

In Bald Hills, a suburb of Brisbane QLD, when our customers wanted to build a home office and rumpus 3.6m x 8m in their backyard, it needed approval. We helped with approvals and now you can see from these images how much they are enjoying their personalised Backyard Pod as a detached home extension for living.

Backyard studio 4.5m x 9m with veranda at Eltham in Melbourne VIC

Eltham is known for leafy streets, lovely gardens, and timeless serenity. What more would an Eltham homeowner desire? A beautiful backyard studio from Backyard Pods, of course, with a welcoming front deck and veranda. It was fully approved and installed for our customer through our Backyard Pods Melbourne network.

Stunning backyard office pod 3m x 6m in Colorbond ‘Deep Ocean’ at West Ryde, Sydney NSW

A stunning WFH backyard office pod home extension at West Ryde, Sydney NSW, features a 3m x 6m kit from Backyard Pods in Colorbond ‘Deep Ocean’ colour – a great example of using bold exterior colours for a contemporary architectural statement.

Sleek backyard office pod 3.6m x 3m anchored to slab in Canberra ACT

Backyard Pods normally have our foundation piers elevating the flooring structure above ground level. Where an existing slab is dry and suitable, some customers successfully anchor the integrated flooring (for structural integrity) to their slab. Our customer in Canberra sat their Backyard Pod on a slab and it looks very sleek in ‘Night Sky’ with black accents.

Home-based business office 4m x 5m at Lithgow, Blue Mountains NSW

Mark, a successful financial advisor in the Blue Mountains NSW, came to Backyard Pods wanting a low-cost, professional-looking home office building where his clients would feel comfortable visiting. After waiting 15 years for his home-office dream to finally come true, Mark loves his new office with country-style veranda and his clients are very impressed!

Beautiful backyard music studio 4m x 6m at Coburg, Melbourne VIC

Melbourne is a vibrant city where people share creative passions like art and music. But when you live close to the city, houses and backyards tend to be smaller. So what do you do if you love music and want a studio for band rehearsals, a little extra room for yoga, or somewhere for occasional guests to stay? You get a Backyard Pod, of course!

Versatile, cost-effective school pods 3m x 7m at Condell Park, Sydney NSW

It’s always a pleasure for us to help schools with cost-effective building solutions. While we have helped many private and public schools, Condell Park Public School in Sydney, with 5x Backyard Pods, is perhaps the most outstanding example of our flatpack building kits helping budgets stretch further when a school needs an extra storeroom, activity room, or staff room.

Twin office pods 4.5m x 5.3m built within 2 WEEKS for home-based business at Dandenong VIC

Many people need a small WFH office pod. Others have grand designs for getting more value out of their backyard with their business ideas. Our mindful customer from Dandenong wanted two pods side-by-side for their own ‘women’s wellness centre’. With our help to organise approvals and construction, these twin multi-purpose rooms were fully completed for our customer. The actual build time was only 2 weeks!

Low-cost DIY craft studio 4m x 5m with views in Woronora Heights, The Shire, Sydney NSW

Dreaming of your own separate office pod, craft room, or hang-out space? Take a look at this much-loved DIY example in Woronora Heights, a leafy suburb of The Shire in southern Sydney NSW. Hear what our happy customer is saying about their experience and how their low-cost 4m x 5m Backyard Pod has enhanced their lifestyle in so many ways.

Approved backyard studio 3m x 5m with Scandi-style internal lining installed at Lilydale in Melbourne VIC

In Melbourne and other areas of Victoria, approval is needed for a small backyard studio like this one as it’s larger than the maximum allowable for an exempt shed. With help from our Backyard Pods Melbourne network partners, our customer at Lilydale had no problem getting her small backyard studio approved and installed on their property by a licensed builder.

Stylish home office pod 2.1m x 3.6m with Scandustrial details at Cobbitty, Western Sydney NSW

This stunning contemporary backyard office pod in Sydney is an inspiration. Custom-sized to fit in a very tight space, with the timber-look face and trendy Scandustrial detailing it adds value to the home and makes a great home office space away from the home. Would you like a home office pod like this one?

DIY backyard studio 2.5m x 4m for ‘lady lair’ at Ormond, Melbourne VIC

Backyard Pods Melbourne: while some people would call this backyard studio a “she-shed” or “sheila shack,” our client announced that hers would be a “lady lair” and her hubby would build it as a DIY project! Their original 3m x 6m idea was changed to 2.4m x 4m – one of the most popular sizes for home offices – with optional eaves as well.

DIY double-glazed home office pod 4m x 4m on acreage in rural Southern Tablelands NSW

Rural properties often evolve over time – perhaps starting with a small cabin and growing with enclosed verandas and outbuildings (sometimes over generations) until the homestead ideal is fully expressed. Our customer on acreage in the Southern Tablelands added a cozy double-glazed home office as a DIY building project – well done!

Unique coastal holiday cabin 4m x 6m at Metung, eastern Gippsland, VIC

Our customer in coastal Metung, regional Victoria, got exactly what they wanted by starting with a Backyard Pod kit 4m x 6m. This example is styled to suit the personal taste of its proud owner who saved megabucks by doing most of the work himself.

Quaint ‘she-shed’ 2.5m x 5m with veranda at Marayong, Sydney NSW

Much is said about man-caves but a rising number of ‘she-sheds’ and ‘sheila-shacks’ are being built DIY or professionally in backyards all over Australia. This quaint, cottage-like example at Maryong, in western Sydney NSW, represents one woman’s BIG dream – just a LITTLE space!

Home extension pod for WFH dressmaker 4m x 7m in Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast QLD

This WFH dressmaker in Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast, got a home extension pod from Backyard Pods 4m x 7m built as a sewing workshop. Our customer (and their clients) can easily go to and from the main house in all weather.

Home office pod ‘garden office’ 3.6m x 5m with eaves and blade walls in Strathmore, Melbourne VIC

With WFH (work-from-home) many people in Melbourne need a separate home-office in the backyard. This one has views over the garden with black stacker doors a modern contrast with the Colorbond Monument cladding. Add eaves and blade walls for energy efficiency and detail – really cool.

Photography studio and darkroom pod 4.5m x 8m at Newcastle NSW

Creative people often need offices. That’s where a multi-purpose pod like this combination photography studio and darkroom provides a custom solution, whatever your work-from-home needs. The cheapest way to get a decent-sized home office or work studio in your backyard is by starting with an office pod or studio pod kit.

DIY home office 4m x 5m with veranda at Lithgow NSW

At Lithgow, Blue Mountains NSW, this customer completed a DIY home office pod 4m x 5m with veranda. To undertake a DIY home office you WILL need previous building experience (or friends with know-how), and the right tools for the job. Otherwise, use one of the experienced installers in our network. The veranda and deck kit on this Backyard Pod is an optional extra – customers choose their own decking.

Garden studio 3.6m x 6m with hardwood decking at Ryde NSW

We love the Scandi look of this Backyard Pod lined internally with plywood (instead of Gyprock). Plywood is under-rated as an interior lining material but it’s natural, easy to work with, and it ages beautifully. Take a look around this characterful 3.6m x 6m backyard studio with thoughtful windows and doors for a great flow between indoors and outside.

Movable office pod 3m x 4m at National Art School, Darlinghurst, Sydney NSW

The National Art School in Darlinghurst, an inner-eastern suburb of Sydney, needed to enlarge and upgrade its security checkpoint to house new security and communications systems operated by on-site security staff. Situated at the former Darlinghurst Gaol, heritage listing called for the new movable office pod to ‘touch the earth lightly’ and not interfere with…

Home office 3m x 4m in weatherboard-look Colorbond cladding in Western Sydney NSW

In western Sydney, our customer built a really cute home office using a Backyard Pod kit 3m x 4m with Bonville weatherboard-look Colorbond cladding, exclusive to Backyard Pods, in fresh Surf Mist. This is one of our favourite small backyard office design examples, featuring Polar Ecoview double-glazed windows (from Backyard Pods) for added energy efficiency.

Home office studio for two in 3m x 6m pod with IKEA fit-out

The growth in working-from-home and home-based businesses is causing many home owners to wonder how to integrate their business requirements into their home environment without impacting either in a negative way. Lack of space inside the home is a common problem, and even when there is a spare room inside the home suitable for use as an…

Do I need approval to build a backyard office pod?

Yes, you may. This is because a home office is a ‘habitable room’ – in other words, it’s a room that you would normally have inside your main house but it’s separate. If you go ahead building a home office pod without approval, there are a number of risks, including lack of insurance for the building itself and coverage if anyone is injured inside the pod. It could even jeopardise the insurance for your entire property. Depending on how you’re using your home office pod, it might even affect CGT (if applicable) when the property is sold If in doubt, click the button below to tell us more about your proposed project. If you need advice about approvals and how much it might cost, we can refer you to professionals who can help you get on the right track.


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