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Many people want an office pod in their backyard these days due to the WFH (work-from-home) trend. If your home is small, working at the dining table or in a bedroom is okay for a while but long-term you’ll need a home office that’s quiet (no kids or dogs!) and looks good in Zoom or Teams. You can have Scandi-style office pods (Scandi-style lining instead of plasterboard), Hamptons-style office pods (interior lining boards painted white), or classic (Gyprock painted any colour you like). Choose from more than 20 exterior Colorbond colours, add a deck and veranda, add modern timber-look detailing to look trendy in your backyard.

Office pod kit package deals

You can have your office pod kit delivered to NSW, VIC, ACT, or SE QLD in any size you like, any colour, in any style – the choice is yours.

But to keep things simple, we also offer some great PACKAGE DEALS for people wanting a backyard home office at the lowest cost – including the basic office pod kit, windows and door, deck and veranda kit, and matching slimline Colorbond water tank.

Check out our package deals, submit an enquiry to get started, or scroll down for examples.

Home Office Pod Package Deal
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Stunning backyard office pod 3m x 6m in Colorbond ‘Deep Ocean’ at West Ryde, Sydney NSW

A stunning WFH backyard office pod home extension at West Ryde, Sydney NSW, features a 3m x 6m kit from Backyard Pods in Colorbond ‘Deep Ocean’ colour – a great example of using bold exterior colours for a contemporary architectural statement.

Home extension pod for WFH dressmaker 4m x 7m in Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast QLD

This WFH dressmaker in Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast, got a home extension pod from Backyard Pods 4m x 7m built as a sewing workshop. Our customer (and their clients) can easily go to and from the main house in all weather.

Home office 3m x 4m in weatherboard-look Colorbond cladding in Western Sydney NSW

In western Sydney, our customer built a really cute home office using a Backyard Pod kit 3m x 4m with Bonville weatherboard-look Colorbond cladding, exclusive to Backyard Pods, in fresh Surf Mist. This is one of our favourite small backyard office design examples, featuring Polar Ecoview double-glazed windows (from Backyard Pods) for added energy efficiency.

Stylish home office pod 2.1m x 3.6m with Scandustrial details at Cobbitty, Western Sydney NSW

This stunning contemporary backyard office pod in Sydney is an inspiration. Custom-sized to fit in a very tight space, with the timber-look face and trendy Scandustrial detailing it adds value to the home and makes a great home office space away from the home. Would you like a home office pod like this one?

Photography studio and darkroom pod 4.5m x 8m at Newcastle NSW

Creative people often need offices. That’s where a multi-purpose pod like this combination photography studio and darkroom provides a custom solution, whatever your work-from-home needs. The cheapest way to get a decent-sized home office or work studio in your backyard is by starting with an office pod or studio pod kit.

Home office pod ‘garden office’ 3.6m x 5m with eaves and blade walls in Strathmore, Melbourne VIC

With WFH (work-from-home) many people in Melbourne need a separate home-office in the backyard. This one has views over the garden with black stacker doors a modern contrast with the Colorbond Monument cladding. Add eaves and blade walls for energy efficiency and detail – really cool.

DIY home office 4m x 5m with veranda at Lithgow NSW

At Lithgow, Blue Mountains NSW, this customer completed a DIY home office pod 4m x 5m with veranda. To undertake a DIY home office you WILL need previous building experience (or friends with know-how), and the right tools for the job. Otherwise, you can get a local installer. The veranda and deck kit is an optional extra – customers choose their own decking.

Movable office pod 3m x 4m at National Art School, Darlinghurst, Sydney NSW

The National Art School in Darlinghurst, an inner-eastern suburb of Sydney, needed to enlarge and upgrade its security checkpoint to house new security and communications systems operated by on-site security staff. Situated at the former Darlinghurst Gaol, heritage listing called for the new movable office pod to ‘touch the earth lightly’ and not interfere with…

Home office studio for two in 3m x 6m pod with IKEA fit-out

The growth in working-from-home and home-based businesses is causing many home owners to wonder how to integrate their business requirements into their home environment without impacting either in a negative way. Lack of space inside the home is a common problem, and even when there is a spare room inside the home suitable for use as an…

Do I need approval to build a backyard office pod?

Yes, you may. This is because a home office is a ‘habitable room’ – in other words, it’s a room that you would normally have inside your main house but it’s separate. If you go ahead building a home office pod without approval, there are a number of risks, including lack of insurance if anyone is injured inside the pod. This could have implications for your own OH&S if your company has allowed you to work from home. If in doubt, click the button below to tell us more about your proposed project. If you need advice about approvals and how much it might cost, we can refer you to professionals who can help you get on the right track.

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