Did you know that in most areas of NSW you can build a storage pod up to 20sqm, providing certain conditions are met, without needing approval? Other states may have different rules but most permit a storage pod of some size on a residential property without navigating permission processes. Read more here.

Versatile, cost-effective school pods 3m x 7m at Condell Park, Sydney NSW

It’s always a pleasure for us to help schools with cost-effective building solutions. While we have helped many private and public schools, Condell Park Public School in Sydney, with 5x Backyard Pods, is perhaps the most outstanding example of our flatpack building kits helping budgets stretch further when a school needs an extra storeroom, activity room, or staff room.

Exempt owner-builder 2.1m x 3m art studio at Hunters Hill, Sydney NSW

What can you build in Sydney without approval? A non-habitable structure up to 20sqm. This cute little art studio in leafy Hunters Hill, Sydney, was undertaken as an exempt development for workshop purposes. We supplied the flatpack building kit and double-glazed windows and doors. Our customers organised their own builder and now, their backyard studio is complete. You can see how they love the place!

Twin pods 4.5m x 5.3m built in 2 weeks for wellness centre at Dandenong VIC

Twin office pods 4.5m x 5.3m built within 2 WEEKS for home-based business at Dandenong VIC

Many people need a small WFH office pod. Others have grand designs for getting more value out of their backyard with their business ideas. Our mindful customer from Dandenong wanted two pods side-by-side for their own ‘women’s wellness centre’. With our help to organise approvals and construction, these twin multi-purpose rooms were fully completed for our customer. The actual build time was only 2 weeks!

Backyard studio 3m x 6m with timber cladding in Chain Valley, NSW

Backyard studio complete 3m x 6m with custom timber veranda in Lake Macquarie NSW

Many people start with one of our basic 3m x 6m flatpack building kits to create a low-cost Backyard Pod for their own purposes. This cute little 3m x 6m backyard studio complete in Colorbond Classic Cream with a custom timber-framed veranda and deck is someone’s idea of a private cave, craft room, or informal workspace in their backyard.

Approved basic backyard studio 3m x 5m installed at Lilydale in Melbourne VIC

Approved backyard studio 3m x 5m with Scandi-style internal lining installed at Lilydale in Melbourne VIC

In Melbourne and other areas of Victoria, approval is needed for a small backyard studio like this one as it’s larger than the maximum allowable for an exempt shed. With help from our Backyard Pods Melbourne network partners, our customer at Lilydale had no problem getting her small backyard studio approved and installed on their property by a licensed builder.

DIY backyard studio 2.5m x 4m for ‘lady lair’ at Ormond, Melbourne VIC

Backyard Pods Melbourne: while some people would call this backyard studio a “she-shed” or “sheila shack,” our client announced that hers would be a “lady lair” and her hubby would build it as a DIY project! Their original 3m x 6m idea was changed to 2.4m x 4m – one of the most popular sizes for home offices – with optional eaves as well.

DIY double-glazed home office pod 4m x 4m in rural Southern Tablelands NSW

DIY double-glazed home office pod 4m x 4m on acreage in rural Southern Tablelands NSW

Rural properties often evolve over time – perhaps starting with a small cabin and growing with enclosed verandas and outbuildings (sometimes over generations) until the homestead ideal is fully expressed. Our customer on acreage in the Southern Tablelands added a cozy double-glazed home office as a DIY building project – well done!

Quaint ‘she-shed’ 2.5m x 5m with veranda at Marayong, Sydney NSW

Quaint ‘she-shed’ 2.5m x 5m with veranda at Marayong, Sydney NSW

Much is said about man-caves but a rising number of ‘she-sheds’ and ‘sheila-shacks’ are being built DIY or professionally in backyards all over Australia. This quaint, cottage-like example at Maryong, in western Sydney NSW, represents one woman’s BIG dream – just a LITTLE space!

Basic backyard pod kit 4.5m x 8m with eaves installed near Braidwood NSW

Basic backyard pod kit 4.5m x 8m with eaves installed near Braidwood NSW

Under construction here is a Backyard Pod kit 4.5m x 8m with eaves at Braidwood, near Queanbeyan NSW (also near Canberra ACT). Many people undertake their Backyard Pod kit installation as a DIY project, but others prefer to using tradies from our network of experienced installers. We also have prefab buildings delivered complete to your place.

Gorgeous garden studio 3m x 6m nestled poolside - Blue Mountains NSW

DIY eco-friendly studio pod 3m x 6m in harsh rural environment, remote Central West NSW

The ‘extra space’ dilemma is solved on a rural acreage in Central West, NSW when a DIY Backyard Pod features many energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly materials and is powered ‘off-the-grid’ to become a potential combination guest sleep-out and home office. Background The property was unusual as it featured a partly-restored community hall and adjacent amenities room which…

Movable office pod 3m x 4m National Art School - Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW

Movable office pod 3m x 4m at National Art School, Darlinghurst, Sydney NSW

The National Art School in Darlinghurst, an inner-eastern suburb of Sydney, needed to enlarge and upgrade its security checkpoint to house new security and communications systems operated by on-site security staff. Situated at the former Darlinghurst Gaol, heritage listing called for the new movable office pod to ‘touch the earth lightly’ and not interfere with…

Relocatable catering pod - Kalbar, QLD

Relocatable commercial catering pod 2.5m x 4m on skids at wedding venue in Kalbar QLD

The wonderful White Chapel function centre at Kalbar, in Queensland’s beautiful Scenic Rim region, needed a cost-effective and relocatable small building to use for extra storage and preparation space at their operations on the site of an historic former Church. One of the key factors in choosing a solution was that it needed to be…