If you’re interested in a Backyard Pod kit that’s 4m x 8m in size, you can get a better idea of scale, space, and interior functionality by looking at other projects using the same size of Backyard Pod kit. Kits are available from 2.5m to 3.4m wide, and from 3m to 16m in length, with or without eaves and/or blade walls. Veranda/deck kits are available in 1.5m and 2m widths and can be full-length or part-length on the pod.

Poolside rumpus with bathroom 3m x 9m at Reedy Creek, Gold Coast QLD

Poolside rumpus with bathroom 3m x 9m at Reedy Creek, Gold Coast QLD

Brad and Kirsten needed a chill-out rumpus room for the kids, a late-night media room for watching footy and Netflix, and somewhere private for guests to stay. However, their compact backyard was mostly taken up by their swimming pool. They had a lightbulb moment… “We need a pool house!” This would be a multi-purpose space…

The ultimate man-cave Sunbury VIC - main entrance by day

Ultimate ‘man-cave’ 4m x 8m with veranda makes room for hobbies in suburban Sunbury VIC

Dave’s wife gave him an ultimatum: “Get your pinball machines out of the house or else!” So, Dave embarked on finding a way to enjoy his vintage amusements with his mates and kids, without disrupting the household, which led him to Backyard Pods. Dave explored several options, such as getting a shed on a concrete…

Backyards Pods granny flat with Veranda - suburban Melbourne

Affordable future-ready granny flat (DPU) 4m x 8m with veranda in suburban Melbourne VIC

In Melbourne, the challenge of extended family living was resolved by cost-effective completion of an approved granny flat (DPU) in a Backyard Pod. A working mum with a young son was living with her mother and grandmother. After her grandmother passed away, it was time to re-assess living arrangements for her mother, her son and…