If you’re interested in a Backyard Pod kit that’s 3m x 7m in size, you can get a better idea of scale, space, and interior functionality by looking at other projects using the same size of Backyard Pod kit. Kits are available from 2.5m to 3.4m wide, and from 3m to 16m in length, with or without eaves and/or blade walls. Veranda/deck kits are available in 1.5m and 2m widths and can be full-length or part-length on the pod.

Budget-minded Backyard Pod kit 3m x 7m at Condell Park School NSW

Budget-minded Backyard Pod kit 3m x 7m at Condell Park School NSW

Even schools and other institutions are finding that building projects are more practical and affordable using flat-pack kits from Backyard Pods. Here’s a Backyard Pod being installed at Condell Park School in western Sydney (it’s one of three Backyard Pods there). You’ll find Backyard Pods at other schools as well. Did you know there’s even a Backyard Pod inside Sydney Harbour Bridge?

DIY Scandi-style studio backyard pod - Ainslie ACT

DIY Scandi-style ‘creative studio with ensuite’ 3m x 7m for suburban backyard in Canberra ACT

With basic construction skills and attention to compliance, you can save on your Backyard Pod with DIY. This prospect appealed to a family living in a suburb of Canberra. They needed versatile studio space to suit the various needs of a couple and three children. How did they achieve their plans? Take a look at…