Granny flat designs and examples


DIY flat-pack kits / installed to lock-up or with complete fit-out / prefab granny flats

Check out these granny flat designs below. Backyard Pods make the cheapest granny flats because kits cost less to build than conventional structures. Our granny flats are easily customised to suit your style and needs. From cool urban design statements to quaint cottage-style granny flat designs, you can SAVE THOUSANDS using our flat-pack kits as your starting point. Some customers have shared their pictures and stories to help others. We can help you save money and get a great granny flat for less whether you want to DIY, get installation to lock-up stage (and DIY the interior finishing), or get a complete prefab granny flat delivered and connected ready to move in. We can also help with granny flat approvals in NSW, ACT, VIC, and SE QLD.

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What makes a great granny flat design?

Storage is key to designing a granny flat that’s truly liveable. Think of everything you would need day-to-day inside the granny flat. We often surprise people who have made their own granny flat design by asking basic questions like:

  • Where are you going to put your vacuum cleaner and mop?
  • Where will the ironing board and iron go?
  • Where will you store the bath towels and linen?
  • Is there room for a bin on the kitchen floor or is the bin built into the sink cupboard?
  • Can you store miscellaneous items like a suitcase or sewing machine?

If you visit our granny flat display in person (Sydney) or by phone video (from anywhere) you can talk to a qualified architect who can help you through the planning stage of your granny flat project with helpful tips and ideas for how to make your backyard granny flat more comfortable and practical.