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Whatever you’re interested in – granny flats, backyard studios, guest cabins, home offices, home extensions, pool houses, yoga retreats, rumpus rooms – we can help with prefab buildings (delivered complete) and flat-pack kits (ideal for difficult sites) installed on your land at the lowest possible cost. Save time, simply fill out our form to get answers to your questions about building solutions and a quote when you’re ready.

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Talk to a qualified architect about your preferred layouts, window and door placements, fittings and finishes, what’s involved in getting building approval. Inspect a beautifully fitted out granny flat built using a low-cost Backyard Pod. Your personal appointment is obligation-free. Visit onsite or enjoy a live video tour.

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Our team members are very experienced at helping people in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast, Brisbane, and many regional areas with backyard studios, granny flats, home offices, poolside rumpus rooms, teenage retreats, guest cabins, home extensions, commercial structures, movable buildings, and more. Click the button below to submit details about your proposed project for personalised assistance.