Granny flats Sydney – SAVE THOUSANDS $$$ with our kits


DIY / installed to lock-up / with complete fit-out – the choice is yours

Backyard Pods make the cheapest granny flats in Sydney because kits cost much less than conventional structures. Kits are easily customised to suit your own needs and styling. From small studio-style backyard cabins to fully self-contained garden apartments, cool urban statements to quaint cottage-style designs, you can SAVE THOUSANDS using our flat-pack kits as your starting point. Not all fit-out services are available in all areas of Sydney, and not all sites would be approved for a granny flat or secondary dwelling, but if you have a question about what you’d like to achieve – talk to us!

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DEAR CUSTOMERS: Please send us more pics of your completed projects because other customers love seeing what you’ve achieved, like these examples:

Superb 2BR DIY granny flat 4.5m x 13m in Blackheath, Blue Mountains NSW

Superb 2BR DIY owner-builder granny flat 4.5m x 13m in Blackheath, Blue Mountains NSW

We can help with granny flat installations in most areas but many of our customers are DIY owner-builders. Our customers in the Blue Mountains got our help with approval and flatpack materials, then undertook their beautifully designed 2-bedroom secondary dwelling as a family project. With meticulous attention to detail and innovative ideas, this ‘granny flat’ will house family and visitors for now, and have future income potential as a luxurious holiday cabin or long-term rental.

2BR prefab granny flat cabin 6m x 9m Coolum design

2BR prefab granny flat or cabin 6m x 9m, ‘Coolum’ design, delivered complete (QLD)

The deluxe ‘Coolum’ design 2BR prefab granny flat or self-contained cabin 6m x 9m is pre-wired, pre-plumbed, cyclone-rated, and delivered complete anywhere in Queensland. This upgraded example shows how basic prefab granny flat designs can be customised.

Granny flat compact tiny house display - Campbell, Sydney, NSW

Granny flat display now open compact 3m x 8m tiny house installed at Campbelltown, Sydney NSW

Where to visit our granny flat display in Sydney, this compact 3m x 8m complete tiny house in Campbelltown, western Sydney, now open to book an appointment for your visit. It’s a must-see for anyone in Sydney thinking about tiny houses or building a granny flat in the backyard – exclusive Backyard Pods display.

Poolside studio pod with facilities 4m x 5m installed at Cranebrook NSW

Poolside studio pod with facilities 4m x 5m installed at Cranebrook NSW

Who wouldn’t like a poolside studio with bathroom and kitchenette in their backyard? At Cranebrook, in western Sydney NSW, this family squeezed an approved granny-flat style poolside studio into a tiny space with full approval and at very low cost. We’re not keen on ‘cream’ Colorbond but here it matches perfectly with the existing Colorbond fence.

Yoga studio bathroom pod 3.6m x 7m, Newtown NSW

Yoga studio with bathroom pod 3.6m x 7m installed Newtown NSW

Many people want a backyard studio with bathroom for some idea they have in mind. This customer with a terrace house in Newtown, Sydney NSW wanted a yoga studio with bathroom in the backyard. With Backyard Pods, they were able to build what they wanted in a small backyard despite the difficult access. Interested in a backyard studio with a bathroom? Look at this one.

Granny flat Blue Mountains NSW

Self-contained garden apartment 4m x 10m with N4 wind rating for suburban Katoomba NSW

Granny flats Blue Mountains – how a customer at Katoomba easily built a low-cost backyard garden studio apartment or granny flat. But “don’t call it a granny flat,” he said of his deluxe ‘bachelor pod’ shared with his Golden Retriever. N4 wind rating for Backyard Pods complied with the Blue Mountains building regulations.

1 BR granny flat 4m x 10m in Sydney - backyard rental bonanza

1BR backyard granny flat for rent – 4m x 10m kit in Sydney – BUILDING NOW

Granny flat for rent – The owner of a contemporary-style renovated home on a large block in Five Dock, Sydney, was tired of mowing the unused rear section of the backyard, behind an existing swimming pool and pool-shed. This valuable land was simply going to waste and a nuisance to maintain. An old garden shed…

Plans for dream granny flat backyard pod in Sydney

Plans for ‘dream’ granny flat pod in Sydney – versatile 4m x 7.5m

We’re often asked: “Do you have some completed backyard pods we could look at in Sydney?” The answer, theoretically, is “yes” as there are completed backyard pods all over the place in NSW, VIC, and QLD – home offices, teenage retreats, hobby workshops, granny flats, even whole houses put together using our pods. In practical…