If you’re planning to build a backyard granny flat, dependent person’s unit, extra bedroom, study, or living area, your project will be deemed ‘habitable’ for permit purposes. Please complete the form below to find out what you’ll need to prepare for this process. We can also introduce you to people who can help make your application process much easier.


Answer below questions

Name Business Email Phone Number
Check if a Planning Permit is required (Ask your local council)
Copy of Title, Title Plans, & Covenant if any.
Property information certificate - flooding/termite
A building Contract is required if Building Cost is over 10K and if over 16K, a warranty insurance is required
Working Drawing
Structural Drawings, Computations & Design Certificate
Soil Report
NATHERS approved 6 Star Energy  Efficiency Report and Endorsed Drawing
Smoke detector near in room

Confused about regulations and needing to find out ASAP if your project would likely get approval? Get a quick pre-approval project appraisal and advice on your site from a qualified architect.