Sydney architect helps with NSW building approvals for granny flats and home extensions

Sydney graduate architect, Rahil, is a huge fan of Backyard Pods. He’s so much of a fan that he designed and built his own granny flat in his own backyard using a Backyard Pod kit. Rahil has since helped many Backyard Pods customers in New South Wales and South East Queensland to get approval for backyard granny flats and other habitable spaces.

Rahil’s service is designed for people who are too busy in their work-life and not too sure about the true potential of their land. Before getting too carried away with ideas for any major backyard building project, it’s important to find out if your project would get approval and get help with the paperwork for navigating the approval process.

The professional assistance offered by Rahil is straightforward and helps customers with the initial step in deciding if their Backyard Pod project is right for their property or not.

Rahil makes sure that each client fully understands the regulations and norms that apply to their site. While explaining the regulatory setback allowances, ground coverages, land zone, building type, etc, Rahil will also explain the approval process and the associated costs involved.

Click the button below and Rahill will be in touch to provide professional advice that’s specific to your site (small fee) and if your project is proceeding through to approval, Rahill can offer the necessary services from initial sketch design to architectural drawings and pod specification (for compliance purposes), right through to assistance with installation and fit-out if required.

Rahil says: “Based on the pod size that the customer is interested in, I can help to confirm if that size is doable on their land or not. I can also advise on the maximum pod size that would be permissible on any given lot size. Where customers need to navigate the approval process, I can help with a quick quote for assistance with drawings and other requirements, to suit individual project needs.”

“I’ve helped many people with advice on requirements for building permits and approval processes. I can also help with my in-depth knowledge of pod installations and how Backyard Pods are a cost-effective way to generate rental income. I also like to explain how Backyard Pods follow the fundamentals of sustainable architecture and the use of local Australian businesses and materials which has a minimal negative impact on our planet.”

To book a quick project heads-up appraisal by Rahil, click below:

Rahil Nanda, Architect, Rastiq Architecture Pty Ltd
Rahil Nanda, graduate architect, Rastiq Architecture Pty Ltd, granny flat approval advisory specialist helping with Backyard Pods in NSW and SE QLD.
Backyard Pods onsite construction walkthrough Sydney