The trendy American-style ‘tiny house’ concept is not so relevant in Australia where it makes more sense (and costs less) to buy and renovate an old caravan or bus compared to building a quaint little boxy structure on wheels good enough to pass road vehicle registration! Instead, many smart-thinking people wanting to downsize or live mortgage-free are using a certified Class 1 Backyard Pod kit as a tiny house kit to create a compliant secondary dwelling on an existing property.

Self-contained backyard cabin 3m x 6m with IKEA fit out

Self-contained backyard cabin 3m x 6m with IKEA fit-out

Is it possible to fit a self-contained cabin into a 3m x 6m backyard pod? Yes! That’s the astonishing answer – complete with practical kitchenette and bathroom with optional full-sized bath. Check out this clever tiny house design for a compact and functional self-contained cabin solution on a tight budget with no compromise on style. Incredible exercise…