Sometimes customers don’t need a whole granny flat but just an extra bedroom (or four!), perhaps with a bathroom but not necessarily, maybe doubling as an office or recreation space. Please bear in mind that any structure intended for habitation will need some form of approval, depending on the site location and what rules apply. Compliance with regulations can help protect the safety of occupants and peace-of-mind considerations for the property owner such as insurance cover, potential property value, etc. If you need help with getting approval for a sleep-out pod, just ask us.

Compact studio flat 4m x 5m for homecoming Melbourne student

Compact ‘studio flat’ 4m x 5m for homecoming Melbourne student

A parent was quick to recognise that an adult son, soon returning from overseas travel to resume studies, would benefit in many ways from having a separate backyard studio flat with kitchenette, bed, wardrobe, and ensuite built for him on the family property in a trendy inner-Melbourne suburb. He could occupy it for a few…

Backyard Pods 9 News

Backyard Pods (“granny pods”) featured on Channel Nine News

What are granny pods? They are small secondary dwellings in the backyard, intended to accommodate elder relatives. We’ve been saying it for ages, so it was no surprise when Channel Nine News featured Backyard Pods with the headline: “The mini real estate boom emerging in Queensland”. It’s not just in Queensland, but all over Australia…

Self-contained backyard cabin 3m x 6m with IKEA fit out

Self-contained backyard cabin 3m x 6m with IKEA fit-out

Is it possible to fit a self-contained cabin into a 3m x 6m backyard pod? Yes! That’s the astonishing answer – complete with practical kitchenette and bathroom with optional full-sized bath. Check out this clever tiny house design for a compact and functional self-contained cabin solution on a tight budget with no compromise on style. Incredible exercise…