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Backyard Pods – Bunnings helps you save

For many customers of Backyard Pods Bunnings can be their best friend (or at least their people can be).

It’s because many customers of Backyard Pods want to do their own project management, or even a bit of DIY themselves, to save big dollars on their backyard studio, granny flat, home office, or guest cabin project.

Bunnings can really help as a one-stop-shop for just about everything you need to complete your project once your Backyard Pod kit has been installed to the lockup stage (meaning with doors and windows but no connections or interior fit-out).

Because there are Bunnings stores in just about every location in Australia, it makes sense to head down to your local Bunnings and talk to their helpful people about easy-to-install flat-pack and modular kitchens and bathrooms, as well as floor coverings, appliances, light fittings, interior doors and door hardware, smoke alarms, and much more.

In many locations, Bunnings can even help you with tradespeople to lay your carpet, install your kitchen, and all the jobs needed once you’ve bought your bits and pieces from any of their stores.

Backyard Pods has no connection with Bunnings (this is important to note), so mentioning our name over the counter is not likely to get you a discount. However, we can think of no better place to send our customers when they need a big range of options at low prices accessible in their own neighbouhoods.

Kaboodle kitchens for Backyard Pods at Bunnings

We really like IKEA kitchens, and all of our own Backyard Pod designs have featured IKEA kitchens. For purists, we will always suggest looking at an IKEA kitchen because the quality and precision you can expect is probably the best in the world.

This being said, the people at Bunnings have come up with the range of Kaboodle kitchens that are almost as beautiful and versatile as the IKEA range but for a better price (or so people tell us).

We’ve seen basic straight-line kitchens available from Bunnings starting at around $795. We used to sell these ourselves but it all got too hard when we didn’t make enough margin on them and customer requirements were tricky. But customers can easily go down to their local Bunnings and have a chat with a Kaboodle kitchen consultant. There are plenty of options and price points to suit everybody.

Saniflow for Backyard Pods at Bunnings

Bunnings Saniflow Sanicubic 1WP 650w

There can be a huge unexpected cost associated with connecting a Backyard Pod to the sewerage system for a granny flat, backyard studio with toilet and shower facilities, or home office with ensuite.

The Saniflow system, available from Bunnings, can solve many of these problems by enabling the connection of a toilet to the general wastewater, not directly into the main sewer line.

How is this done? Click the image of the Saniflow example above, or read more here.

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Please note that Backyard Pods customers are free to shop wherever they choose for interior fit-out items and installation services. We are not paid by Bunnings to send our customers to their stores. We only suggest that for someone buying a Backyard Pod, Bunnings is where they could go to make the additional purchases needed to complete their project. Some customers may have a builder or installer that offers to provide the fit-out items as part of their overall service. The important thing is that customers have options and can make an informed choice. We try to help everyone by providing information but only you know your needs and circumstances, so please don’t take anyone’s advice (except for getting ‘professional advice’) unless you’ve decided it would be the most appropriate for your situation.